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Björneman Water Provides Innovative Waste Water Treatment by APATEQ. For the North European Markets and Marine Solutions Worldwide: Scrub water treatment, oil-water separation, compact wastewater treatment plants, pre-treatment of industrial wastewater

 Latest news: 

 Luxembourg, 12 June 2017

Scandlines applies APATEQ’s innovative scrub water
system in Gedser, Denmark

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Scandlines are now running their two new hybrid ferries on the route Gedser – Rostock. The ferries are equipped with closed loop scrubbers and uses only battery power on the way in and out of the ports. All for a climate neutral transport as possible. The water used by the scrubber is in port 

pumped over to the water treatment plant.

Mörbylånga – Island of Öland, Sweden June 1 – 2.

Presentation of a unique water treatment plant, designed for treatment of waste water from a slaughter industry, brackish waters and fresh water from wells of various qualities.

In brief, the method involves simultaneous treatment of three types of water in one compact plant:

1. Process water - waste water - from the municipality's largest industry (and also largest

water consumer)

2. Raw water from different watercourses of different grades

3. Brackish water collected by infiltration into wells drilled near


After purification, a clean water of high quality is obtained which the industry can reuse directly and also supply the municipal waterworks.


Compact Footprint | Low Energy | Low Operational Costs | No or Low Chemical Consumption | Remote Control | Mobile Solutions | Turnkey | Quick delivery

Marine Solutions – Scrub water treatment plants for ports and on board larger vessels. 

Oil-water separations
– For produced water and fracking flowback with APATEQ
– On-site treatment at oilfields and on- and off-shore

Industrial Waste Water Treatment
– 100% reuse of water
– No or little amounts of chemicals required for the process

Compact Grey/Black Waste Water Treatment
– Mobile solutions also available in standard ISO containers with
capacities from 10 m3/day up to 120 m3/day.


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 Björneman Advisory Group. Partners from left: Rolf Hollmén, CEO, Per Björneman, Sales & Finance 
and Kjell Näslund, Projects and Planning (photo Dirk Martin).

BJÖRNEMAN WATER AB is the independent sales and advisory organisation of 

APATEQ for the north European markets, together with sales of marine scrub water
treatment world wide.