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 Luxembourg, 9 June 2017

12 Jun 17 - Scandlines applies APATEQ’s innovative scrub water treatment system in Gedser, Denmark

APATEQ receives Start-up Europe Award from the European Commission

• The European Commission along with Finnova Foundation announced the winners of the annual Start-up Europe Awards (SUEA) and APATEQ was awarded with an extraordinary distinction.

• Clean-tech company APATEQ was honoured for its green and compact water and wastewater treatment systems.

• The award ceremony took place at the European Parliament in Brussels in presence of Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, and Carlos Moedas, EUCommissioner for Research, Science and Innovation.

 Clean-tech company APATEQ received an extraordinary award at the Start-up Europe Award ceremony (SUEA) from the European Commission along with Finnova Foundation. The annually held event took place at the European Parliament in Brussels (Belgium) on June 7th  in presence of Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, and Carlos Moedas, EU-Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation. The goal of the SEUA is to identify local role models in each ecosystem of start-ups across Europe. APATEQ was awarded for its green and compact wastewater treatment systems that represent a technological benchmark in the markets served.


Birgit Prochnow, Apateq head Marketing & Communications is here seen giving a short
speech in Brussels, after 
receiving the honorable 
award of   2017 Start-Up Europe Award
from the European Commission and Finnova.


Luxembourg, 12 June 2017

9 Jun 17 - APATEQ receives Start-up Europe Award from the European Commission

Scandlines applies APATEQ’s innovative scrub water
system in Gedser, Denmark

Scandlines uses a brand new scrub water treatment system, produced by the Luxembourgish clean-tech company APATEQ. The treatment system MarinePaq cleans scrub water from the ferry’s closed-loop exhaust gas cleaner (scrubber). It produces an effluent according to the most stringent environmental legislation and achieves substantial savings on operation costs and flexibility gains for the fleet.

 Scandlines’ two recently launched ferries for the Rostock-Gedser route are driven by Scandlines’ hybrid propulsion system which combines traditional fuel with electric battery power. The hybrid propulsion system optimises consumption by adjusting the engine output. Together with other optimisation initiatives, the fuel consumption has been reduced to almost one-third per crossing per car compared to the former ferries operating the route. 

The two new ferries have also both been fitted with an exhaust gas cleaner, a
so-called closed-loop 
scrubber. In short, a mixture of water and sodium carbonate in powder form, which is pumped aboard the
ferries, scrubs the exhaust gas. Contaminated water from the scrubber is channelled to an on board 
separator for purification. When
the solution cannot absorb more waste products, the scrub water is 
pumped into the shore based scrub water treatment system MarinePaq from the Luxembourgish cleantech company APATEQ. The system has been installed in two containers stacked one on
top of the other at the harbour in 
Gedser. In a five-step process, the scrub water treatment system cleans the scrub water so effectively, that the cleaned water can be discharged into the harbour according to the most stringent environmental legislation,
being substantially beneficial for the environment.

Scandlines are now running their two new hybrid ferries on the route Gedser – Rostock. The
ferries are equipped with closed loop scrubbers and uses only battery power on the way in
and out of the ports. All for a climate neutral transport as possible. The water 
used by the 
scrubber is in port pumped over to a water treatment plant. 

  • Swedish Marine and Water Authority – HaV –  demands for a sustainable shipping, stricter international laws against discharge of untreated scrub water to the sea.  
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