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 Industrial Waste Water Treatment – PrePaq

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, part of installation for desalination of see water up to 12 500 m3/day in a cement plant. Pre-treatment (multi stage filter, cartridge filter) and reverse osmosis. (photo Apateq).

– 100% reuse of water
– No or little amounts of chemicals required for the processWithout the use of loads of chemicals, 
– Apateq's PrePaq separates up to 99% of suspended solids from various industrial wastewater.

The PrePaq is ideally suited for treating wastewater with high TSS 
(total suspended solids) and in some cases, high TDS (total dissolved solids). 
Subsequent treatments, such as membrane filtration, become more efficient, 
and the membrane’s life is extended. Should chemicals be required in a specific 
application, the amounts of chemical additives are substantially reduced. 
Therefore, PrePaq operates with lower energy consumption, too.

Industrial companies, with high water demand for their processes 
(for example cooling or cleaning purposes), face enormous and steadily rising 
fresh water and disposal costs. In various industrial sectors, such as dairy, 
pulp & paper, vegetable and fruit processing, Apateq's PrePaq increases 
process efficiency and value.

Industrial wastewater strongly varies depending on the industry branch and origin of the wastewater.Therefore technical specifications will be offered on demand, case by case.


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Leachate Treatment – LeachPaq

Gela, Sicily, Italy. Very special treatment of radioactive and very salty leachate water. Capacity 2 x 360 m3/day.  Pre-treatment, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. . Reduction of all contamination up to 99,99%. (CWT, a fully integrated subsidiary of Apateq. Photo Apateq).

 Apateq's LeachPaq is the complete, on-site leachate treatment solution. Since no two leachates are the same, and the leachate landfill load can vary over the course of time, Apateq applies either membrane bioreactor or ultra-filtration/reverse osmosis technologies. To create customer savings and ensure short lead times, Apateq utilizes a modular-system-approach to standardize each LeachPaq. For turn-key operation, the fully automated LeachPaq is delivered skid mounted or containerized. 


CAPACITY Flow rate (m³/d)

LeachPaq   25
LeachPaq   50
LeachPaq   75
LeachPaq   100
LeachPaq   150
LeachPaq   200
LeachPaq   300

Standard LeachPaq installed technologies: ultrafiltration with 3-stage reverse osmosis (RO). Additional high pressure (120 bar) RO stage available on demand.


For more detailed information over Apateq product line and services – see