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Oil-water separations – OilPaq

At every oil well, or gas well for that matter, there is an inherent issue with water and its treatment before re-injection or disposal. The older the well becomes, the more water is produced. The ratio of oil / water could reach levels as high as 10 percent oil and 90 percent water. APATEQ targets to become state-of-the-art solution for oil-water separation.

– For produced water and fracking flowback with APATEQ
– On-site treatment at oilfields and on- and off-shore
– No or little amounts of chemicals required for the process
– 100% of oil recovery

Above, testplant OilPaq in a 40" container, in use since march 2014. Here in use in a very hostile landscape, as shown by Apateq's Dirk Martin (Photo Apateq)


OilPaq is a turn-key, custom designed oil-water separation system for oil and gas fields, engineered, manufactured and supplied by APATEQ of Luxembourg. For the treatment of produced water, APATEQ combines proprietary pre-treatment and ultrafiltration technology to outperform actual and long-established treatment solutions.

Low on chemicals and long life filter technology
Current technologies available on the market such as electrocoagulation, centrifuges, pure chemical treatment or evaporation all have in common the use of large amounts of energy or chemicals, or both which leads to higher operational costs. Most of these processes do not use membranes, because oil often tends to cover and clog the membranes’ pores. Typically, organic and ceramic membranes will last only minutes before they are clogged.

Breakthrough technology
APATEQ developed a proprietary, breakthrough technology for oil-water separation to be implemented at oil and gas fields, for groundwater remediation and oil spillages. Our technology excels over all other processes in the industry, separating even emulsified oil from water without requiring additional chemicals compared to conventional processes, removing free and suspended solids in produced water to a level of less than 1 ppm, with 100 percent usability of the recovered oil for further processing in refineries and treating the water to a high level for re-use, at low operating expenses and a very small footprint. The systems are supplied as container plants (ISO shipping containers) or rack-based systems, both easily scalable to meet specific customer requirements for volumes.

 The OilPaq uses new, state-of-art membranes that do not clog. Instead of having to be burned, buried or otherwise disposed of, the recovered oil can be directly processed in a refinery. No matter the wastewater’s composition, the APATEQ treatment technology resulting effluents always contain less than 1ppm free hydrocarbons. The effluent water from OilPaq systems is suitable for well re-injection. With an additional post-treatment system, the effluent can be reused as process water, directly discharged to the environment or used for irrigation. The OilPaq is fully automated and doesn’t require a fulltime on-site operator. 

Due to the minimal, or in some cases no use of chemicals in the process and due to the very low energy consumption of the system, the operation costs of the OilPaq are kept to a minimum, representing only a fraction of the treatment costs of conventional processes.

OilPaq   25

OilPaq   50

OilPaq   75

OilPaq   100





Flow rate (m³/d)










Power supply (kWh)





Power consumption (kWh/h)





Length (m)





Width (m)






TSS (mg/l)
< 1.000
< 0,01
TDS (mg/l)
<   250.000
Free and emulsified oil (mg/l)
< 1.000
< 1



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